BT7 From Disassembly to Paint

Chapter 33 – Paint

December 1, 2006 Jeremy’s Painting and Bodywork 1997 Corso Rossa Ferrari Red Paint – It was a very long day for Jeremy, but in one day three coats of red and two coats of clear coat were applied to the frame and superstructure. As a nervous expectant father, I waited for Jeremy’s call and then […]

Chapter 24 – Cleaning and Trial Fitting

February 12, 2005 Fitting Shrouds and Wings  Rear Shroud –After removing all small components from the car I secured the shrouds and wings to the car to prepare it to go to Jeremy Turner for panel fitting and painting. To get the shroud and wings lined up properly, the rear shroud first needs to be […]

Chapter 4 – Disassembly

May 26, 2002 Wiring Harness The wiring harness enters the interior cabin from a large centrally located grommet in the firewall. It splits into three strands. Strand “A” Dash panel light switch – 3 wires, 2 red/white stripe to one post. 1 solid red wire to other post. Heater – 1 solid green wire with […]

Chapter 32 – Cleaning and Trial Fitting

  October 27, 2006 Jeremy’s Rotisseri More Rotisseri Images –  The rotisseri really does make working on the underside of the frame so much easier. These are a few additional images of the assembly at work.   November 7, 2006 Jeremy’s Bodywork Jeremy has continued to work hard on the final work on the frame/tub. […]

Chapter 3 – Disassembly

Windscreen Wiper Motor and Wiper Box   Removed the three mounting bolts in the bottom of the wiper motor. Disconnected the three wires from the junction. Removed the lateral brace from the steering wheel column to the left body wall (two bolts). The three wires are green, green and black, and black and connect through […]

Chapter 2 – Disassembly

Cockpit Trim I removed the pieces from the shroud. Door Shut Face Finishers Remove the vertical aluminum shut plate (back of door jamb) first. 7 chrome screws and 4 countersunk bolts for the door lock packing and tapped plate as well as the striker. Then removed bottom door sill threshold plate which is secured by […]

Chapter 23 – Cleaning and Trial Fitting

January 15, 2005 Turn Signal Audible Buzzer – I had used a little buzzer produced by Radio Shack in the Bugeye and decided that I would add one in the Big Healey also. I will just use a little 3M double sided sticker to fasten it to the fascia support bar since it is so […]

Chapter 13 – Cleaning and Trial Fitting

March 22, 2003 Rear Seats  The rear seat pans were very rusty and pitted to some degree, but given that they are completely covered by upholstery we decided to reuse them. The bottom exposed side of the seats was painted with a rubberized undercoating paint.  May 16, 2003 Canadian Delivery!  Martin Jansen delivered the healey […]

Chapter 9 – Disassembly

Steering Column Sealing Plate – Removed four sheet metal screws securing each of two sealing plates through which the steering column passes. Note the felt “gaskets” on the inside face of the plates. Front Suspension and Steering   The disassembly of the front suspension and steering assembly was a messy job. Lots of grease and […]

Chapter 17 – Cleaning and Trial Fitting

February 13 , 2004 Rear Disc Brake Conversion  Decided to convert to disc brakes in the rear of the car and purchased the kit from Cape International. The kit consisted of two machined caliper mounting brackets, two Jaguar calipers including handbrake calipers, linkage for the handbrake, two disc rotors, templates for modifying the axle flanges […]

Chapter 6 – Disassembly

Rocker Cover – loosened two bolts and removed rocker cover. July 3, 2002 Engine Removal, cont’d Gearbox mounts –  Removed 4 bolts securing the gearbox mounts and 4 bolts and nuts from the Propshaft at the gearbox union. The bolts on the gearbox side cannot be removed without removing shaft nut. There were also 2 […]

Chapter 15 – Cleaning and Trial Fitting

September 27, 2003 Front Suspension  It is so nice to begin assembling clean and freshly painted components. I decided to assemble the front suspension just to make sure I had all pieces, proper bolts and etc. Rebuilt brake calipers and swivel pins from Bruce at Healey Surgeons. Primed or painted bits courtesy of Jeremy at […]

Chapter 10 – Disassembly

August 17, 2002 Brake and Clutch Master Cylinders Brake and Clutch Master Cylinders –  Loosened lines from cylinders. The brake line from the master cylinder to the 4 way junction has 3 clips and fasteners to the union facing the master cylinder (left side of the car). The clutch line also has three clips: 1 […]

Chapter 20 – Cleaning and Trial Fitting

July 3, 2004 Boot Armacord Liner  Test installed the boot liner material from Heritage. Won’t be gluing it in until after the car is painted. Everything seemed to fit fine and the material looked great.  3M spray adhesive is claimed to work well. Install before fuel tank, but after the fuel tank strap brackets are […]

Chapter 22 – Cleaning and Trial Fitting

January 1, 2005 Soft Top Frame  Installed the webbing pull tabs on freshly painted brackets. Used four number 6 stainless sheet metal screws to the frame. Hardtop Headliner Installation  Hardtop Headliner – I took the unrestored headliner on its frame to Gerry Smith at Classic Upholstery to have him look at it before I took […]

Chapter 31 – Cleaning and Trial Fitting

October 1, 2006 Jeremy Turner’s Work Continues Hardtop – Jeremy packed up the car and got everything in his trailer to bring back to me. We were delayed a day because of rain, so in the meantime he began bodywork on the hardtop. Then it was final priming for the body panels. Frame disassembly – […]

Chapter 11 – Disassembly

The Battery Cable –  from engine to boot. Eight to nine clips attached with screws to frame. October 20, 2002 Shipping to Jule Enterprises Martin Jansen – from Jule Enterprises located just outside of Toronto picked up the car for the trip back to Canada for frame replacement and restoration. John, Scott and I had […]

Chapter 30 – Cleaning and Trial Fitting

Jeremy Turner’s Work Continues Headlights and turn signals – Jeremy worked on fitting the headlights and turn signal lights to the front wings/shroud. We discovered that the aluminum wings were not molded properly to fit to the shroud. Some body work is required. The result won’t be perfect, but should only be noticeable to Jeremy, […]

Chapter 21 – Cleaning and Trial Fitting

November 28, 2004 Boot Latch/Lock Assembly  Boot Latch/Lock Assembly Installation – Installed the boot lock and handle assembly along with a new rubber gasket that looks like it will need to be slightly trimmed before final installation. The striker plate mounted to the frame assembly with three bolts needed to be loosened and shifted upward […]

Chapter 18 – Cleaning and Trial Fitting

April 18, 2004 Front Suspension Installation Continued  I had the front swivel or king pins refurbished by Bruce Phillips at Healey Surgeons. I then followed the steps in the workshop manual: Fit the new lower fulcrum pin into the lower trunnion being careful to center it, and then secure it with the two cotter pins.  […]

Chapter 29 – Cleaning and Trial Fitting

September 4, 2006 Initial Work on the Engine and Driveline Clutch and Flywheel – Many who have used the Smitty gearbox conversion have suggested fitting a later BJ8 diaphragm clutch rather than the the spring actutated clutch originally used on the BT7. Now seemed to be the time to do it, so I ordered the […]

Chapter 7 – Disassembly

Front Shroud Removed five cross head drive screws at the rear of the bonnet. Three screws with nuts must be removed at the front of the shroud at the bonnet opening. Two cross head screws and nuts also attach the shroud to upright posts. A third bolt and nut holds the prop rod bracket. Five […]

Chapter 5 – Disassembly

June 29, 2002 Final Interior Dismantling Gearbox tunnel and extension cover. Both were rusted badly and were discarded. I learned later as I was fitting new parts that I should not have violated the restorer’s rule: Never throw anything away until the project is complete! Fresh Air cover plate and screen on left (driver’s) side. […]

Chapter 12 – Disassembly

February 2, 2003 Front Suspension Components.  Removed the steering arm by loosening two 11/16” nuts with tab washer connector flattened. Note that the steering arm angles toward the dustshield – not the motor. Brake Caliper – Removed by first unscrewing the brake pipe union. Remove two nuts securing the brake hose support bracket. Remove bracket. […]