MK2 Interior

Center Console Arm Rest

Inspired by Kevin Moore’s MK2 center console arm rest modification, I endeavored to create my own. I knew that I wanted to use an arm rest pad that would not look home-made, and that would also house the controls for the power seats and a USB dual port. These are images of Kevin’s console/arm rest: […]


Front Seating Following considerable thought I have decided to install front seats from a later model Jaguar in my MK2. At first I pursued the original tilting seats that were available from Jaguar as an option at the time. I actually found and purchased a pair. they were in rough shape, but the frames were just fine […]

Radio/Heater Control Panel

Just as a trial run – I have no leather yet! – I assembled the control panel including the radio, heater control levers, and the speaker grill. I am going to be adding locations for air conditioning control switches and I needed to take a close look at the assembled panel to identify the best […]


Rear View Mirror The parts manual does not provide much information on the rear view mirror. The assembly apparently came from Lucas and was installed as an assembly. Perhaps there is Lucas documentation available someplace, but I did not find it. My original mirror was pretty dirty and the height adjustment post would not tighten […]

“Cubby” Glove Box

“Cubby” Glove Box The “Cubby” as the glove box is referred to is located on the RH side of the dash fascia. It has a hinged wooden door and the box itself is a heavy cardboard material. My original is in excellent shape but unfortunately suffers from a lingering musty odor from years of damp […]


Dash Components Air Distributor Box Details on the box which sits below the dash can be found under the Heater post: Mounting Bracket for Radio Control Panel This bracket shares the mounting bolts with the air distributor box, and mounts behind and above it. Instrument Panel Assembly While the speedometer and tachometer are placed directly […]