Chapter 4 – Disassembly

May 26, 2002

Wiring Harness

The wiring harness enters the interior cabin from a large centrally located grommet in the firewall. It splits into three strands.

Wring Harness at the Firewall Grommet

Strand “A”

Dash panel light switch – 3 wires, 2 red/white stripe to one post. 1 solid red wire to other post.

Dash Panel Light Switch 1

Dash Panel Light Switch 2

Heater – 1 solid green wire with bullet connector joint.  1 green/red stripe wire.

Heater Wiring

Ignition – 2 White wires to left post. 1 Brown wire/blue line to right post.

Ignition Wiring

Strand “B”

Speedometer – 2 black wires soldered to one loop connector to the right post. 

1 Blue/white stripe 

1 Lime green wire 

1 Black wire

Speedometer Wiring

Speedometer Wiring 2

Starter Button – 2 solid white wires soldered together to right post on button.

 1 white/red stripe to left post on button.

Starter Button

Dash Light – 1 red/white stripe wire.

Dash Light

Wiper Switch – 1 black wire/green stripe to left post. 1 solid black wire to right post.

Wiper Switch Wiring

Tachometer – 3 solid black wires soldered into one connector, fasten to left post on tachometer. 1 solid white wire – ? 


Lights – 2 red wires soldered together (1)

  2 large brown wires/blue stripe soldered together. (2)

  1 solid large light blue wire. (3)


Fuel Gauge – 2 solid green wires soldered together to left post. 1 green/black stripe to right post.

Fuel Gauge

Overdrive switch – 1 solid white wire to right post. 1 white/purple stripe wire to left post.

Overdrive Switch Wiring

Dash Light – 1 red wire/white stripe.