April 2007

Chapter 46 Restoration Assembly, Week Sixteen 4/2/2007

Ah, yes! Finally back to some Healey work. I had planned to use an amplifier mounted under the parcel shelf, bookcase speakers behind the dash fascia, and a small subwoofer in the boot for my sound system. No radio needed, just planned to plug my iPod into the amp. Roger( AUSMHLY) on the British Car […]

Chapter 50 Restoration Assembly, Week Twenty 4/30/2007

Rather than using the original Smiths heater, I am taking advantage of more modern technology and substituting a two speed heater available from Cape International. The heater unit integrates the hot water radiator as well as the fan blower. I had installed the heater unit previously and the time had come to put the demister […]

Chapter 49 Restoration Assembly, Week Nineteen 4/23/2007

Four university students (young, strong backs) arrived and helped me install the assembled rear axle in about five minutes. The install was accomplished with just one minor scratch! I am pleased that I assembled everything on the bench first. I don’t know if it would have worked with the panhard rod in place, but since […]

Chapter 48 Restoration Assembly, Week Eighteen 4/16/2007

I decided to completely assemble the rear axle for installation into the car. I will recruit four weightlifters to help with placement! Jeremy Turner worked his magic and made the axle assembly look brand new in its glossy black. I installed the bearing carriers with new bearings, “O” rings and paper gaskets. I lightly coated the […]

Chapter 47 Restoration Assembly, Week Seventeen 4/9/2007

There wasn’t much time available for Healey work again this weekend. I did install some more Dynamat product over the interior floorboard and the propshaft tunnel. I was then able to glue the black interior vinyl around the handbrake bracket on the tunnel. I then installed my rechromed handbrake lever and its mechanism including attaching the […]