May 2007

Chapter 54 Restoration Assembly, Week Twenty-Four 5/28/2007

After the LH side rail was carpeted I installed the carpet piece for the driver’s side footbox toeboard. This was the most difficult piece to glue in to the car because it is a little harder to get to (as in standing on your head!) and because it is one piece for two panels. It […]

Chapter 53 Restoration Assembly, Week Twenty-Three 5/21/2007

My plan is to devote the next couple of weeks to getting the interior finished. This required completing the dynamat extreme application and then adding an additional layer of aluminum insulation of the type that is used around home duct work. I taped all the joints with aluminum tape which resulted in a nice looking […]

Chapter 52 Restoration Assembly, Week Twenty-Two 5/14/2007

After a few gorgeous days on at the Chesapeake Bay, I am back at finishing the boot. I glued down the left Armacord panel that covers the trough and extends to the rear shroud. I am going to wait on the right one, under the battery, until the shroud is mounted. The new aluminum fuel […]

Chapter 51 Restoration Assembly, Week Twenty-One 5/7/2007