Chapter 3 – Disassembly

Windscreen Wiper Motor and Wiper Box  

Removed the three mounting bolts in the bottom of the wiper motor. Disconnected the three wires from the junction. Removed the lateral brace from the steering wheel column to the left body wall (two bolts). The three wires are green, green and black, and black and connect through the grommet hole below the choke hole in the firewall to the primary wiring harness. The two large chrome nuts are removed from the wiper box shafts and the shafts can be withdrawn under the dash. The motor and wiper boxes can be removed along with the connecting cable by sliding it above the steering wheel toward the passenger seat.

Wiper Motor Mounting Bracket, posts and grommets

Wiper Motor and Rack

Wiper Motor Wiring Snap Connectors

Wiper Motor Wiring in Engine Bay

Wiper Motor Wiring to Fuse Box

Wiper Rack Wheel Box

Wiper Rack

Wiper Wheel Box

Water Temperature and Oil Pressure Gauge 

Used a 5/8” box wrench with a slit in it to go around the capillary tube to loosen the nut around the sending unit on the engine head. Then withdrew the capillary hose through the grommet hole in the firewall below the I.D. plate. Loosened the oil pressure line from the back of the gauge and remove the gauge from the interior.

Water Temp Capillary Pipe

Oil Pressure Pipe

Heater Control Panel Refurbishment

We had several examples of these panels from donor cars and assembled the best parts to make the panel below. Ordered a new face plate and knobs.

Heater Control Panel

Heater Controls 1

Heater Controls 2

Heater Control Electrical Connection for fan