MK2 Steering

Power Steering Pump Cover

Although my MK2 could have had power assisted steering from the factory, it did not. I elected to add an electric power steering pump and rack and pinion steering to my car. The kit was purchased from M&C Wilkinson in the UK. The kit uses a combined power steering pump and reservoir that is mounted in […]


Wilkinson R & P Kit Components

The Standard Steering Unit The Jaguar MK2 used a Burman F.3 steering unit as a standard fitting. In some cases the steering was power assisted, available as an option, but not on my particular car. The Burman unit is a recirculating ball type in which motion is transmitted from the inner column worm gear to […]

Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel   This is a diagram showing steering column components. The disassembly procedure I followed is outlined below: First I removed four slotted set screws from behind the steering wheel this enables the horn ring cover to be removed along with the horn push and return spring. The horn ring assembly is held in […]

Steering Column

Steering Column Steering Column Cover Assembly Unfortunately, the cover on my steering column was broken, but these plastic pieces are available from the usual vendors. I ordered new halves and assembled them with the original overdrive indicator and clear plastic lens. The assembly consists of the Upper Steering Cover Assembly at Center of Steering Wheel […]