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Navigating The Jaguar MK2 Project Site

Site Organization and Navigation The site for the Jaguar MK2 restoration was initially divided into three parts: Disassembly, Restoration and Fitting, and Reassembly. However, I have removed all of the posts related to the “disassembly” phase of the project. The “restoration and fitting” or trial assembly of the renewed and new components is detailed. Major […]

New Wiring Harness Connectors

Relay/Fuse Panel Location As I have already indicated, my wiring harness design is very similar to Eric’s and I give him all the credit for thinking through the logic of the approach. However, we do differ in some respects. I decided to mount my Classic Technologies Relay/Fuse Panel below the right side of the dash […]

Doors and Windows

Doors and Windows Door Hinges I decided against removing the hinge pins to “restore” the hinges. All the hinges were free moving but nice and tight with no discernible excess play. The door side of the hinge is aluminum while the body pillar side of the hinge is unpainted steel. It appeared that the hinges were […]

Remote Control Door Locks

Particularly since the MK2 is a four door sedan (saloon) I want to add the modern convenience of centrally operated electric door locks and while I am at it I might as well add a keyless entry feature. These kits are quite inexpensive and I purchased mine from A1 Electric. https://www.a1electric.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=AEOS&Product_Code=W02F-712T This kit includes most everything that […]

Center Console Arm Rest

Inspired by Kevin Moore’s MK2 center console arm rest modification, I endeavored to create my own. I knew that I wanted to use an arm rest pad that would not look home-made, and that would also house the controls for the power seats and a USB dual port. These are images of Kevin’s console/arm rest: […]

Power Steering Pump Cover

Although my MK2 could have had power assisted steering from the factory, it did not. I elected to add an electric power steering pump and rack and pinion steering to my car. The kit was purchased from M&C Wilkinson in the UK. http://www.mandcwilkinson.com The kit uses a combined power steering pump and reservoir that is mounted in […]


Front Seating Following considerable thought I have decided to install front seats from a later model Jaguar in my MK2. At first I pursued the original tilting seats that were available from Jaguar as an option at the time. I actually found and purchased a pair. they were in rough shape, but the frames were just fine […]

Original Fuse Box Modification

The original electrical system on them MK2 was protected by two fuses. The fuse block was located on the control box bracket assembly mounted on the LH engine bay valance. The voltage regulator and the horn relay were also located inside the control box. The bracket assembly had a metal cover secured by a thumb […]

Fuel System

Petrol Filter

Petrol Filter AC supplied the fuel filtration device for the Jaguar. My early version includes a filtration screen, but newer versions have a paper filter in the bowl. The filter is bolted to a mounting bracket with two 5/16″ – 24 x 3/4″ hex head bolts, split washers and hex nuts. The bracket and filter […]

Coombs Rear Fender Skirts

I purchased the Coombs rear fender skirts, or spats, some time ago from XKs Unlimited. The skirts are mounted to the body with a rear bracket, a clip in the middle, and Duz-type fasteners at the front. They do not fit particularly well and can shift about. John Stefanik, who did some masterful metal work […]

Cold Air Box

Air Cleaners to Cold Air Box Well, after the time devoted to researching the ideal air cleaner solution and the expense of ordering the K&N offset filters, I became convinced that an air box delivering cool air to the carbs is the way to go. I recently saw several approaches to these “boxes” on some […]

Radio/Heater Control Panel

Just as a trial run – I have no leather yet! – I assembled the control panel including the radio, heater control levers, and the speaker grill. I am going to be adding locations for air conditioning control switches and I needed to take a close look at the assembled panel to identify the best […]


Spark Plugs I don’t know if I will stick with the Champion plugs or not, but Mike Gassman installed Champion RN11YCA plugs when the engine was rebuilt and they remain in the engine at this point. Distributor There are several options available for upgrade to an electronic ignition. I used a 123 Electronic Distributor on my […]

MK2 Wheels, Tires and Alignment

Alignment As a supplement to the Service Manual, I found this document on the internet: Jaguar Tire Alignment.  Knock-off (Spinner) Tool I have always used a lead hammer to tighten or remove the spinners on my Big Healey and had planned to do the same for the Jaguar. However, in watching a YouTube video by DaveJaguar66, […]


Exhaust System

  Exhaust System Components The primary components of the system include  front and rear downpipes, a twin silencer assembly (one piece), and a twin tailpipe assembly (also one piece). Copper sealing rings are used to join together the downpipes and the exhaust manifolds. A series of clamps are used to secure the components to one […]

Brake Servo & Hydraulics

Brake Servo & Hydraulics Brake Servo and Hydraulics Schematics Brake Servo & Piping Reservac, Stoneguard & Piping Brake Servo The MK2 uses a Lockheed 6 7/8″ brake servo. I decided to have my servo rebuilt rather than purchasing a new unit. Rich Chrysler, an Austin Healey friend always swore by John Stuart Power Brake  in […]

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning the Mk2 is not an easy task. The primary problem is lack of space. The engine bay is already crowded and adding a compressor, hoses, condenser and related hardware is a challenge and then one must find a place for the evaporator. Jaguar had dealers install the evaporators in the boot with cool […]

Windscreen Washer

First a description of what was: My 1964 Jaguar Mk2 did not have the original Lucas Screenjet washer bottle and pump. I don’t know why it was missing. Perhaps a pump motor failure or a broken reservoir? Lucas actually put glass reservoirs under the bonnet. This is an image from Eric Kriss’s MK2 of the […]

Front Suspension

Working on the front suspension of the Mark 2 is made easy for the hobbyist, because it is possible to completely reassemble the front suspension apart from the vehicle and then “offer it up” to the frame of the car with a jack or two. It is certainly more convenient to assemble the components on […]


Wilkinson R & P Kit Components

The Standard Steering Unit The Jaguar MK2 used a Burman F.3 steering unit as a standard fitting. In some cases the steering was power assisted, available as an option, but not on my particular car. The Burman unit is a recirculating ball type in which motion is transmitted from the inner column worm gear to […]

Engine Post-Installation Check List

Having just installed my engine and gearbox into the car chassis, I thought it might be useful to keep track of the various related installations and connections that need to be made before one turns the ignition key and hits the starter button to fire-up the refreshed engine. I will try to journal this check […]

Engine Cooling

Engine Cooling Water circulation is assisted by an impeller type pump mounted on the front cover of the engine, the system being pressurized and thermostatically controlled.   Water Pump and Pulley I replaced the original water pump with a new “upgraded” unit sourced from SNG Barratt. An alloy “V” belt water pump pulley was purchased […]


Heater The heating and ventilating equipment consists of a heating element and an electrically driven fan mounted on the engine side of the scuttle. Air from the heater unit is conducted to a built-in duct situated under the instrument panel, to the rear compartment via twin pipes, and to vents at the bottom of the […]

MK2 Cruise Control

Rostra Cruise Control  Components I installed an Audiovox CCS-100 Cruise Control system on my Healey and found it to be a useful modification. I am over six feet tall and the seating position in British cars can be uncomfortable on long drives. The cruise control makes those trips a bit more relaxing and enjoyable.  Rostra […]