HD8 Carb Rebuild

Since I had removed the carbs to install the new intake manifold, I decided it might be a good idea to go ahead and rebuild the carbs. They didn’t have many miles on them, but it has been about eleven years since they were last rebuilt and although I wasn’t experiencing any leaks it seems like a good time to go ahead and replace the bushings, rubber seals and diaphragms.

Joe Curto has done my rebuild work in the past and I was always very happy with Joe’s work. This time I decided to try Thomas Bryant in Wiscasset, Maine. Tom makes and installs delrin bushings for the throttle shafts. Others who have used Tom have indicated that they were very pleased with the performance of the delrin bushings. This is a link to his website and specifically to a rebuild post he did for HD6 SUs. https://thosbryant.wordpress.com/2018/03/03/su-carburetor-rebuild-hd-6/

These are a couple of images from his site that show the delrin bushing:

Delrin Carb Bushing

Delrin Bushing Installed

Tom also checked the throttle shafts for wear (they were OK), replaced the seal for the slow run valve, installed new jets and diaphragms, replaced several gaskets and adjusted the float bowl levers to the 7/16″ prescribed setting.

SU HD Float Lever Setting

I was very pleased with the quality of Tom’s work and his luck turn around. Very easy to work with. I recommend him to others without any hesitation.

This image illustrates the beauty of the bespoke Dennis Welch throttle cable aluminum bracket. The rod running through the bracket is free to rotate which prevents in cable binding when the accelerator is applied. In the image the proper operating angle of the cable is shown:

I also replaced the brass floats in the float bowls with new nitrophyl floats sourced from Moss Motors.

Nitrophyl Carb Floats

Nitrophyl Carb Floats Installed