British Car Shows This page includes a chronological photo journal of the various British Car shows I have attended. Car shows proved to be a great place to pick up modification ideas and meeting other Healey people was by far the best part. 2018 All British Field Meet & Auto-jumble The Tampa Bay Austin Healey […]

Seam Sealer

Seam Sealer  

The Bloody Beast – Bodywork & Paint

Bodywork and Paint These are bodywork and paint images contained in a Flickr collection (two sets or albums of images). The link below takes you to the Collection. Martin Jansen of Jule Enterprises put in a new frame and installed the tub and initial fitting of the wings and doors, and then epoxy primed. Jeremy […]

My Favorite Healeys

Everyone has his or her personal favorite cars. Our tastes vary and that is what makes our hobby interesting! Some favor the roadsters, others prefer the convertibles with their roll-up windows. Still others like the early Healeys that pre-dated the association with Austin. In my view they are wonderful. By clicking on the link you […]

The Beast’s First Drive

The Beast's First Drive

The Beast’s First Drive December 1, 2007 was the date of the first drive with The Bloody Beast. This first test drive was merely onto the tennis court and back to the garage, but it was an exciting achievement. Actually exhilarating would be a good word to describe the experience. After years of work, the […]


2009 Healeys Return to Bonneville A team led by Bruno Verstraete, from Switzerland, and Steve Pike, from Australia, recreated the 1954 Healey Endurance Car and the Streamliner and returned to the Utah Salt Falts 55 years after Donald Healey set numerous speed records in the original cars. One hundred and fifty to two hundred Healey […]