JWR Bugeye Wiring Diagrams

We prefer to use an unconventional approach to diagramming the Bugeye’s wiring. We like to use photographic images to help the eye quickly identify the subject one is looking to find.

The wiring is depicted in three different ways: The first depicts the wiring as connections from the fuse box wiring positions 1- 34; the second shows the wiring according to the electrical device such as a light switch or the alternator, and the third shows the wiring based on the connector to which a wire is assigned.

With an I-phone or I-pad one is able to easily enlarge sections of a diagram with just a “pinch” of the screen, making diagnosing a problem on the side of the road a much simpler proposition when compared to the old days.

These will likely need some updating as we complete the wiring to the front and rear of the car, but changes should be minor.

JWR Bugeye Power Distribution to Fuse Box

JWR Bugeye Electrical Wiring by Component

JWR Bugeye Deutsch Connectors Wiring

2 thoughts on “JWR Bugeye Wiring Diagrams

  1. I like your work with the easy to identify wires, connectors and mechanisms. You might share this with fellow owners of this model of car. Next, I’m hoping you’ll do the same for the Jaguar MK2 electrics!!

    Do you think 8 gauge is heavy enough from the battery to the fuses?

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