February 2007

Chapter 42 Restoration Assembly, Week Nine 2/12/2007

I began the wiring of the dash instruments, gauges and switches with the water temperature and oil pressure gauge and moved across the face of the dash from left to right with the exception of the speedometer and tachometer which were left until the end. The openings for these two instruments provide access to the […]

Chapter 44 Restoration Assembly, Week Eleven 2/26/2007

Time to install my Moto-Lita steering wheel and my rebuilt control head (trafficator) Trafficator(low res).pdf . This pdf will take a little while to download – lots of images! The installation was fairly easy and straight forward.  I inserted a length of thin wire up the tube and wrapped it around the first bullet connector […]

Chapter 41 Restoration Assembly, Week Eight 2/5/2007

With the steering behind me, I thought it was time to install more of my electrical accessory items. Most of the bits fasten behind the dash in one form or fashion, so I wanted to get them all located, mounted and wired before the dash fascia was installed. Intermittent wiper control – The big Healey […]

Chapter 43 Restoration Assembly, Week Ten 2/19/2007

All of my electrical modifications are taking longer to sort out than I expected, but I am no electrician so I am extra careful and take my time with these matters. Next up was the inclusion of an Accessory Power Supply (Cigar Lighter). I want the car to be equipped to handle the electrical needs […]