August 2007

Chapter 66 Week Thirty-Six August 20, 2007

I went out to visit Jack at Coach Works and check on the progress of the motor assembly. I was pleased to find that he had mounted the spin-on oil filter, the alternator with the bracketing kit from Hendrix Wire Wheel (made by Don Lenschow), the rebuilt original water pump and pulley from World Wide Auto, […]

Chapter 65 Week Thirty-Five August 13, 2007

Rear shroud and boot lid. Jeremy returned from vacation and painted the rear shroud and boot lid. I picked them up and they do look beautiful. I am reminded of that feeling I had when he unloaded the frame and superstructure from his trailer at the house. I am afraid to touch anything for fear […]

Chapter 64 Week Thirty-Four August 6, 2007

Still waiting!

Chapter 67 Week Thirty-Seven August 27, 2007

I cleaned up the Toyota W57 5 speed gearbox that I will be using with my Smitty conversion kit and painted it. Attaching the Smitty bellhousing makes it easy to stand the gearbox on end to clean and paint. I used some 3M black rope caulk to seal the edges of the windscreen frame and […]