Body Metal work

Body Metal Work

I knew when I purchased my MK2 that it had a few areas that would require rust repair, although for a fifty year old British car it was remarkably free of serious rust problems. Immediately recognizable was battery acid/rust damage to the firewall, and the plenum was swiss cheese. I expect that the plenum rust problem was caused by a clogged drain due to mice nests in the plenum and the heater!

Fortunately, a Jaguar MK2 acquaintance, Robert Seligman, recommended that I contact John Stefanik about making the metal work repairs. Bob was very pleased with work John had done for him and I felt fortunate to have come upon such a skilled artisan. Not only did John perform brilliant work, he did everything I asked within two and one-half weeks from the time that I delivered my MK2 to him.

In addition to making the needed repairs, John also worked on fitting the metal Coombs wheel covers that I had purchased to replace the original spats. This was no easy task requiring significant heating/cooling, bending and shaping.

I was fortunate to find a used (and rust free) replacement plenum and a patch panel for the firewall that John expertly installed in my car.