Chapter 88 Week Fifty-Eight January 21, 2008

Jeremy Turner came by the house and helped me make final adjustments to the doors. The fit is good, but not quite as nice as I would prefer. The aluminum wings just don’t fit as well with the doors as the original steel wings, but as my wife, Judith, says, “only you and a concourse judge will see that the fit isn’t perfect!”

Finished Door Assembly 5

Finished Door Assembly 1

LH Door

After finishing up the doors, I put the exhaust clamps on the exhaust system. With the headers and big bore pipes, the exhaust note is a bit louder than the original system, but it sounds great and I can still hear the sound system over the rumble!

The tops and tonneau are the only components that remain. I must say, it feels pretty good to take a look at the Bloody Beast in the driveway. I know it will be even more gratifying to get the Healey out on the road.

Shane and “Little” Shane paid us a visit and, of course, “Little” Shane wanted to inspect the progress on the red car.

Shane & Shane

Little Shane