September 2007

Chapter 71 Week Forty-One September 24, 2007

Away for travel 

Chapter 70 Week Forty September 17, 2007

With a little help from a work colleague, my wife and an engine hoist I was able to get the motor with bell housing into the car without one scratch or knick in the paint! We took our time and patience paid off. I tightened down the engine mounts and then put a short jack […]

Chapter 69 Assembly Week Thirty-Nine September 10, 2007

The next job to be tackled was the installation of the rivets for the rear shroud to the frame. There are 19 aluminum flush face rivets for the lower lip of the car and another 13 rivets that attach the shroud to the rear boot frame rail. First, I put a healthy bead of 3M […]

Chapter 68 Week Thirty-Eight September 3, 2007

Since I am using rally bumpers on the “Bloody Beast” rather than the standard rear bumper, I needed to develop a custom rear license plate bracket. I combined the stock bracket with a later BJ8 bracket that provides a space for the Lucas license plate lamp. All of this was a little heavy to hang […]