Power Steering Pump Cover

Although my MK2 could have had power assisted steering from the factory, it did not. I elected to add an electric power steering pump and rack and pinion steering to my car. The kit was purchased from M&C Wilkinson in the UK. http://www.mandcwilkinson.com The kit uses a combined power steering pump and reservoir that is mounted in a supplied bracket. It is frankly a bit unsightly sitting next to the polished cam covers and porcelain exhaust manifolds of the 3.8 Jag power plant! However, I was resigned to leaving it as it was until Mike Gassman, owner of Gassman Automotive http://www.gassmanautomotive.com, convinced me that a cover should be made.

Make and his welder/fabricator Brandon Tyree designed and fabricated the cover seen below. It mounts to the LH engine bay valance with only two 10-24 x 1/2″ machine screws. One simply unscrews the two screws and removes the reservoir cap then lift away the cover. It will be painted gloss black to match the heater box.

I have to say that as usual Mike was correct and Brandon’s cover came out quite nice in my view! 

Electrical Connections Box and Power Steering Pump-Reservoir Cover

Power Steering Pump/Reservoir Cover

This is a short video showing the removal and installation of the cover: