Chapter 46 Restoration Assembly, Week Sixteen 4/2/2007

Ah, yes! Finally back to some Healey work. I had planned to use an amplifier mounted under the parcel shelf, bookcase speakers behind the dash fascia, and a small subwoofer in the boot for my sound system. No radio needed, just planned to plug my iPod into the amp.

Roger( AUSMHLY) on the British Car Forum recommended using some amplified two-way computer speakers made by Creative Speakers.pdf. Doing so would mean no additional amplifier and no subwoofer and they only cost $99 for the pair. I decided to try them.

Left Speaker

Right Speaker

For a power source I used a Power Adapter.pdf  from Radio Shack with a “M” size adaptaplug. I plugged it into a accessory Power Outlet.pdf  also from Radio  Shack mounted on the vertical support brace for the parcel shelf. I mounted it high on the brace and it is not visible from the interior.

To support the speakers I made a couple of steel “L” brackets and screwed them into the speaker casing (carefully) and then mounted them to the fresh air plenum, to the left of the steering column and over the passenger parcel shelf. The photos show the idea. Sorry for the messy wiring. I will clean that up before I finish the electrical work!

I am eager to try this new sound system on the road because it sounds terrific in the garage! Thanks to Roger for a great idea.