Fuel Hose Replacement

I have two fuel pumps installed in the Bloody Beast so that I have a back-up at the ready should one fail. I used a combination of steel pipe and rubber fuel hose to plumb the system between the tank, the fuel pumps and the hard fuel line to the front of the car. 

Rubber fuel hose doesn’t last forever and particularly with the introduction of ethanol fuels (I try to avoid ethanol fuel unless I have no choice) which can apparently break down rubber hose more quickly than non-ethanol fuel, I decided that as part of my ten year renewal process it was time to replace the hose.

I used what Moss Motors calls an “ethanol proof” 5/16 rubber hose, part #434-451 as the replacement hose. When I inspected the old hose once off the car it was definitely getting stiff and harder, but seemed to be in pretty good shape and didn’t show any signs of interior deterioration. Nevertheless, it is good to have new hose installed.

Minor job, but one more item on my checklist accomplished!

Ethanol Proof Fuel Hose