MK2 Body Panels and Trim

Doors and Windows

Doors and Windows Door Hinges I decided against removing the hinge pins to “restore” the hinges. All the hinges were free moving but nice and tight with no discernible excess play. The door side of the hinge is aluminum while the body pillar side of the hinge is unpainted steel. It appeared that the hinges were […]

Scuttle Ventilator

 Scuttle Ventilator Assembly Ventilator Concept My fellow MK2 restorer Eric Kriss has a very nice diagram and explanation of its workings on his Blog. With all credit to Eric, this is an excerpt from his post on the topic:           “The beloved Jaguar scuttle ventilator, probably designed by Rube Goldberg himself, […]

Body Panels and Trim

Steering Wheel Shaft & Dip Switch Blanking Plates

Body Panels and Trim Cover and Blanking Plates Of course, there are many large and small components that comprise the finished body of the MK2. The clean-up and preparation of the body and its primary parts is addressed in the “Body Prep” post. However, I have also begun to prepare some of the smaller components […]