Chapter 59 Week Twenty-Nine 7/2/2007

I am waiting on the completion of the engine rebuild and I recalled that Tracy Drummond had fabricated a little stowage bin to fit into the frame lightening hole on the right firewall support. He made his from fiberglass and used a tobacco can as the mold.

I decided to try my hand at it, but opted to use a longer can as the form, and one that had contents more pleasant for me to consume than tobacco. Yes, I used one of those nice Glenfidditch Scotch boxes for my little project!  Images to the right illustrate the various stages of the creation of the storage “stow-it.” Thanks to Tracy Drummond for the idea! It will be painted red to match the car.

Stow-it Tube 2

Stow-it Tube 1

I realized today that I had not made provisions for mounting the coil in the engine bay since I am switching from dynamo to alternator. I drilled two holes in the bonnet support upright and installed nutserts to make it easy to secure the coil bracket and not have to fool with nuts in tight places.

Coil Bracket