MK2 Body Fittings

Bonnet Catch/Latch

Bonnet Catch/Latch Control Wire, Complete, Operating Bonnet Lock My original control wire plastic cable casing was in pretty bad shape so I replaced it with a new one from SNG Barratt. It is very close to the original although the cable casing did have to be trimmed a few inches.  I cleaned up the components […]

Body Fittings

Body Fittings Finishers on “A” Posts The original finishers were in excellent condition. I had both rechromed for the project. Though two of the tabs have holes in them as if for screws, no screws are used for installation. The tabs are tightly bent over the posts and the finishers are glued to the post. Finishers […]

Door Handles and Locks

Door Handles and Locks Keyless Entry or Remote Control Door Locks I am installing a keyless entry system with central locking activated either by the front door handles (exterior or interior) or by a battery operated key fob. Details regarding the system may be found in the “Remote Control Door Locks” post in my web […]


Bumpers Front Bumper The front bumper is secured to the frame with two inner and two outer brackets and two angle brackets at the ends of the bumper. I media blasted these brackets and painted them with POR-15. The bumpers were straightened and chromed. The over riders had some small dents. They were repaired and […]

Radiator Grille

Radiator Grille The Jaguar grille along with the bonnet-mounted Leaper is iconic. The two symbolize the visual image of Jaguar. I had my grille and center vane rechromed. The stud on the lower mount broke when I disassembled the car. The fix for that problem is described below. I also have a few questions about […]