MK2 Wheels, Tires and Alignment


As a supplement to the Service Manual, I found this document on the internet: Jaguar Tire Alignment. 

Knock-off (Spinner) Tool

I have always used a lead hammer to tighten or remove the spinners on my Big Healey and had planned to do the same for the Jaguar. However, in watching a YouTube video by DaveJaguar66, I was introduced to a new tool that Lionel Roberts at [email protected] makes for this purpose. It is machined from aluminum and therefore softer than the chrome spinner and it uses a 1-1/2″ socket and a long tommy bar. No more banging with a hammer and risking a missed blow striking bodywork! I have now tried the tool and love it. Lionel makes different size tools to accommodate differences in spinner size. As far as I am concerned this is a must-have tool.

So, now instead of a lead hammer, I will be carrying a tommy bar, a 1-1/2″ socket and Lionel’s tool in my boot!

Lionel’s Spinner Tool Outer Face

Lionel’s Spinner Tool Inner Face

Lionel’s Spinner Tool 1.5″ Socket

Lionel’s Spinner Tool In Action


No decisions on wheels and tires yet.

This factory note or update is interesting:

Factory Update regarding Tyres