Preventing Vapor Lock – Float Bowl Kouzies

The summer temps in southern Florida get pretty high and I have experienced a few episodes of vapor lock. Joe Curto who is well know as an SU carb guru sells some covers or “kouzies” for the car float bowls to help prevent boiling the fuel in the bowls. The “kouzies are made from “Koolmat” insulation material and are secured to the bowls with stitched velcro. Joe’s site indicates that the material offers continuous temperature protection to 650 degrees F and short term thermal exposure to 1000 degrees F. “Koolmat” claims to reflect 90% of radiant heat energy.

The covers are well made and fit nicely. Now, time will tell if they solve the vapor lock problem!

Curto Koolmat Kouzie

Joe Curto Float Bowl Cover

Kouzies Installed

Curto Kouzies Installed