December 2007

Chapter 85 Week Fifty-Five December 31, 2007

Week long trip to Florida to celebrate the New Year!

Chapter 84 Week Fifty-Four December 24, 2007

Today (Monday) is Christmas Eve and there is much to be done, so only a little Healey work will happen on this day, but I had a good week. I did manage to install the rubber buffers on the front shroud sill bonnet opening. Three on the left side and two in the right plus […]

Chapter 83 Week Fifty-Three December 17, 2007

This week begins my second year of restoration assembly. I have some time off in the next two weeks so I am hopeful that at the end of the Christmas holiday I will have my front body components on the car. While waiting for the carb repair, I decided to start a little work on […]

Chapter 82 Week Fifty-Two December 10, 2007

I sent my front HD8 carb back to Joe Curto. I suspect a faulty diaphragm causing a leak. When I get it back and on the car then I can finish up the cruise control throttle installation and the front bodywork. In the meantime I went ahead and installed the rear aluminum cockpit moulding. I used […]

Chapter 81 Week Fifty-One December 3, 2007

Finishing up the cruise control was accomplished next. I designed a bracket for the throttle connection that permitted locating the throttle cable without having to drill any holes in the vehicle. The cruise control throttle cable bracket is mounted to on the top of the firewall diagonal brace and takes advantage of the two vertical […]