MK2 Body Prep

Coombs Rear Fender Skirts

I purchased the Coombs rear fender skirts, or spats, some time ago from XKs Unlimited. The skirts are mounted to the body with a rear bracket, a clip in the middle, and Duz-type fasteners at the front. They do not fit particularly well and can shift about. John Stefanik, who did some masterful metal work […]

Body Metal work

Body Metal Work I knew when I purchased my MK2 that it had a few areas that would require rust repair, although for a fifty year old British car it was remarkably free of serious rust problems. Immediately recognizable was battery acid/rust damage to the firewall, and the plenum was swiss cheese. I expect that the plenum […]

Body Prep

Front Cross Member Cleaned

Removing Grease, Grime and Rust On the Jaguar project, I am trying to keep the cost down by doing much of the work myself rather than just handing the car off to a shop to restore. Unfortunately, that means removing years of grease and dirt without many of the tools that you might find in […]