New Battery

January 20, 2022

It was time to replace the battery in The Bloody Beast. I ordered another Odyssey AGM battery as I was quite happy with the last one. Model number: ODP-AGM34. I ordered it directly from Odyssey but it was shipped by one of their retail partners, West Coast Batteries.

Odyssey AGM Type 34 Battery

3 thoughts on “New Battery

  1. Do these offer more CCA’s or a better warranty than other batteries? I’m finding battery prices have gone up lately and the maximum warranty is 3 years although it is not prorated but 100% replacement.

    • I prefer AGM batteries. I don’t want any leakage in the boot of the car where the battery resides in a Big Healey. My last Odyssey battery lasted eight years with very irregular use and that was the primary driver of my decision to buy another.

      • I also use a battery tender on all of my cars and it seems to maintain a good charge after long periods of rest.

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