January 2007

Chapter 36 Restoration Assembly, Week Three 1/1/2007

The New Year itself began with attention turning to the front suspension of the Bloody Beast. The first step was the assembly of the swivel axles. Bruce Phillips at Healey Surgeons rebushed and reamed the axles for me and supplied new swivel or “king” pins.  I then applied a light coating of moly to the pin […]

Chapter 40 Restoration Assembly, Week Seven 1/29/2007

Work on the Bloody Beast was restricted to the weekend. Attention was given to the steering components of the car. The steering idler and the steering box, along with the aluminum spacers were installed and penrite oil was used to fill the idler. The steering box will be filled later. The tie rods and the […]

Chapter 39 Restoration Assembly, Week Six 1/22/2007

Absolutely nothing accomplished this week other than receiving my rebuilt oil pump. Jack Brashear, fellow Healey owner, had new shafts, and gears put in my pump. I just decided I would rather rebuild the original than mess with a new one. We will see how it works out. Special thanks to Jack! 

Chapter 38 Restoration Assembly, Week Five 1/15/2007

The schedule of the week did not afford much time for car restoration. In fact, nothing was accomplished on the car throughout the work week! Saturday did permit a resumption of spanner work. The rear leaf springs are an interesting and somewhat costly story. I had ordered new leaf springs and hardware from British Car […]

Chapter 37 Restoration Assembly, Week Four 1/8/2007

The front hub assemblies were the next parts to tackle. I had previously assembled new hubs to new drilled rotors. I fastened the rotor disk to the hub extension with 5 nylock nuts. Placed bearing races in the freezer so they would be easier to install in the front hub extensions. Then inserted inside bearing […]