Chapter 49 Restoration Assembly, Week Nineteen 4/23/2007

Four university students (young, strong backs) arrived and helped me install the assembled rear axle in about five minutes. The install was accomplished with just one minor scratch!

Rear axle help

I am pleased that I assembled everything on the bench first. I don’t know if it would have worked with the panhard rod in place, but since I am using the Jule frame I don’t have a panhard rod.

I put the rubber buffers in place on the axle and installed the U-bolts supplied by Martin Jansen to fit the springs he had made for me. I did need to open the hole in the spring plate to accommodate the larger pin in the springs.

The lower brackets for the Udo Putzke Bilstein shocks were attached to the spring plates. The next task was to bolt on the upper brackets for the Bilstein tube shocks to the original shock mounting brackets. The Bilstein shocks were then installed on the brackets.

Rear Tube shock bracket

Bilstein Tube Shock in Place

The handbrake cable was then put into place and adjusted for the the proper tension on the emergency brake calipers.

The rear flexible stainless steel flex pipe for the brakes was then mounted to the car.

SS brake line

Final fuel hose connections were then made from the two pumps to the steel line running to the carbs.

Bump box LH

The ground strap was connected to the frame. The other end will later be fixed to one of the bell housing bolts.

Ground Strap Engine