MK2 Electrical System

New Wiring Harness Connectors

Relay/Fuse Panel Location As I have already indicated, my wiring harness design is very similar to Eric’s and I give him all the credit for thinking through the logic of the approach. However, we do differ in some respects. I decided to mount my Classic Technologies Relay/Fuse Panel below the right side of the dash […]

Remote Control Door Locks

Particularly since the MK2 is a four door sedan (saloon) I want to add the modern convenience of centrally operated electric door locks and while I am at it I might as well add a keyless entry feature. These kits are quite inexpensive and I purchased mine from A1 Electric. This kit includes most everything that […]

Original Fuse Box Modification

The original electrical system on them MK2 was protected by two fuses. The fuse block was located on the control box bracket assembly mounted on the LH engine bay valance. The voltage regulator and the horn relay were also located inside the control box. The bracket assembly had a metal cover secured by a thumb […]

Jaguar Electrical Components

In this entry I will identify some, but not all of the major electrical components in the MK2, that are not addressed in their own entry or post. Electrical System Overview The Jaguar MK2 being British and a product of the mid-sixties has a positive earth electrical system. The starting system utilized a battery mounted […]

Gauges, Instruments and Switches

Gauges, Instruments and Switches Smiths and Lucas Lucas was the primary provider of things electric incorporated in the Jaguar MK2 and for that matter most other British cars of the period. Smiths, another British automotive parts manufacturer produced instruments/gauges, heaters, clocks and radios among other components. Eric Kriss, a fellow MK2 restorer, has an excellent […]

Battery Relocation to the Boot

Battery Relocation to the Boot Installing the RetroAir air conditioning kit requires the relocation of the battery, and the most commonly used place is the shelf in the MK2 boot. The RetroAir kit provided a plastic battery box, battery cable and various connectors, but I chose to “upgrade” the kits components. Battery Cable Lugs First […]

New Wiring Harness Circuits

Power Inputs to the Classic Technologies’ Relay/Fuse Panel The Classic Technologies Panel has four primary connections. A – 12V power input from the small fuse box (battery B+) to power the accessories circuits. A brown 12 AWG wire is used to the Yellow screw terminal spade lug connection. B – 12V power input from the […]

New Wiring Harness Planning & Prep

After selecting the fuse/relay panel from Classic Technologies to be the heart of my new electrical system, the next issue was to decide about the wiring harness to be used. I could either select a pre-assembled harness from one of a number of vendors, knowing that I would have to modify it given the “personalizations” […]

New Wiring for Switches and Gauges

The diagrams provided below depict the wiring to/from each of the switches in the panel. The purpose, operation and in some cases repurposing of the switches is described in a previous post “Gauges, Instruments and Switches.” One addition to the panel is a small chime that is activated if the headlamps are left on when the ignition […]

Interior Lights

Conversion to LED lights The Jaguar Mk2 and all other cars of the period used incandescent bulbs in the interior fixtures and gauges. In my restoration I intend to replace most if not all incandescent lights with light emitting diodes or as they are more commonly referred to: LEDs.  LEDs live longer, use considerably less power, […]

Exterior Lights

Headlamps Cars exported to the USA all had sealed beam headlights. Mounting and Adjusting Screws Four #10 – 32 x 1/2″ slotted cheese head screws with flat and shakeproof washers fasten the lamp assembly to the car’s body. The rubber seal is located between the body and the lamp bowl. Their location is shown in […]

Classic Technologies Relay/Fuse Panel

Wiring System Upgrade The Fuse/Relay Panel The heart of the original Jaguar MK2 electrical system was a fuse panel assembly located on the LH engine bay valance under the bonnet. The fuse panel bracket assembly houses the RB310 Voltage Control Box (Regulator), the Fuse Box unit, and the Horn Relay. It has a metal top protecting the internal […]

Radiomobile Radio, Aerial and Housing

Radiomobile Radio Housing and Aerial Radiomobile Aerial The aerial height on my Mk2 was controlled by a hand crank and cables. The hand crank was located below the steering wheel through the finisher panel. I was going to forgo the use of the aerial since my aerial was broken, but Robert Seligman (also restoring a […]

Wiper System Upgrade

Wiper System Upgrade I am upgrading the wiper system with a kit provided by Classic Motor Cars. The kit uses a model 29 W Lucas Motor, part# 75967D that I believe was used for XJ series Jags in the eighties and early nineties with a modified original switch to operate the system. These are the instructions provided for […]