Clean the Old Parts & Buy the New

Our experience is that we are almost always better off if we can clean and recondition a part rather than buying a new one. While we are fortunate that parts suppliers do an amazingly good job of making parts available for vintage British cars, it is too often the case that new parts have imperfections, are of lesser quality or just don’t fit. This post and its accompanying Bugeye Restoration Video Episode Forty-four covers the process of cleaning and acquiring parts.

This is the link to Episode Forty-four:

The list of items described is provided below.

0:00 – Handbrake

6:28 – Handbrake cable

6:53 – Demister nozzles

7:20 – Heater outlet door vents

8:05 – Steering wheel and column

9:22 – Steering column mounting bracket

9:30 – Steering bracket rubber shims

9:35 – Firewall dust seal for steering column

9:42 – Steering shaft

10:42 – Painted parts

11:43 – Interior rear view mirror

12:08 – Accelerator Pedal modification

12:49 – Demister hoses and elbow fittings

13:16 – Rear Overriders

13:47 – Overrider brackets and braces

15:27 – Painted radiator support brackets

15:35 – Painted fresh air intake flange

15:40 – Bonnet rubber buffers

17:03 – Radiator coolant expansion tank

18:02 – Bonnet grille and retaining cables and brackets

19:28 – Bonnet hold-down bolts

19:50 – Wiper rack assembly