November 2007

Chapter 80 Week Fifty November, 26 2007

I had a little fun today, on the first day of December, 2007! I was able to drive the car, sans most of its bodywork, in the driveway and on our tennis court. Not far, but enough to enjoy the thrill of the progress to this point. I think the grin on my face says […]

Chapter 79 Week Forty-Nine November, 19 2007

  I am now waiting on Jack Harper to get free from his shop duties at Coachworks to come by the house and help me with starting and tuning the engine. While waiting, I took a few moments to check on  sealing the firewall from fumes and heat emitted from the engine bay. I turned […]

Chapter 78 Week Forty-Eight November, 12 2007

I ordered some 6mm black rubber tubingfrom British Wiring to sheath the choke cables. It gave a slightly loose fit, but I think it will be fine. I installed it on both cables. I painted and installed the propshaft made for me by Dale Engineering. I purchased the cruise control unit, made by Audiovox, from […]

Chapter 77 Week Forty-Seven November, 5 2007

In final preparation for starting the Bloody Beast, I installed the propshaft and filled the Toyota gearbox with just shy of 3 quarts of MT-90 oil using the side filler hole and filling until oil started to dribble out of the filler opening. I had been waffling on whether or not I would install the […]