Removing The 948

Having decided to purchase a 1275 motor and Datsun B210 gearbox from Bill Perry at Rivergate Restorations we worked hard the week of July 4 to remove the 948 and to get ready for the 1275. We also did some interior and electrical work under the dash fascia. By the end of the week, we were ready for a new engine and gearbox.

Disconnected  wiring harness to the bonnet  lights. Electrician’s tape  on two exposed connectors.

Bonnet  removal:

Remove  passenger side catch brace

Remove  two back hinge screws on each side of bonnet

Remove driver side catch brace

Remove  two front hinge  screws on each side of bonnet

Lift bonnet  off car from the sides

Remove front bumper

Remove heater duct

Jacked-up car and placed on 4 stands

Removed front wheels

Drained radiator

Removed radiator – 4 bolts – loosen hoses

Disconnected heater hoses

Disconnected coil connection

Removed copper heater pipe to get to intake manifold bolts

Removed throttle cable from throttle shaft (rear)

Removed choke cable from two arms at carbs (front)

Drained transmission fluid

Removed motor ground cable

Removed exhaust pipe bracket from rear of engine plate

Disconnect fuel line from carbs

Removed the vacuum line connected at front carb

Removed carbs in masse from the intake manifold

Removed exhaust pipe and muffler in one piece

Disconnect fuel lines to/from the fuel pump

Removed generator and fan belt

Disconnect speedometer cable from transmission

Disconnect starter motor battery cable

Disconnect red wire to distributor from the coil (wentworth)

Disconnect oil pressure line from block

Disconnected water temperature sending unit from block

Disconnect driveshaft at rear – four bolts – order new ones

Transmission: remove shift lever cover – 4 screws

Remove shift lever – lubricate on reinstall – 7/16” bolt n side first, then three 7/16” on         top.

Remove two large bolts on side of transmission tunnel

Remove two large bolts underneath the car securing transmission mount

Disconnect front motor mounts: Remove three bolt on driver side engine mount

Remove two nuts on passenger side rubber motor mount, also removed one 9/16” nut on rubber motor mount

Used “Peeler” aerosol paint remover on the radiator and the heater box. Worked great.

Removed heater assembly – Four large phillips head screws and then slide off to the right.

Disconnect heater valve cable.

Remove heater blower – black ground wire with blue tip and circle clip to body. Black wire to green with red stripe.

The choke cable is fastened to one of the heater body clamps with a plastic tie on the right side of the heater

Painted heater box with rustoleum primer and black gloss paint.

Removed fascia – 3 7/16” bolts, one on each corner, one in the middle; plus two phillips head screws to two support bracket.

Disconnect tach and speedo cables

Disconnect white plastic clamps on left wall holding the water temp. sending unit – one clamp is shared with the battery ground cable.

Disconnect the oil pressure pipe at the joint so that it can be pulled through the dash rubber seal along with the water temp unit

Disconnect the starter cable from the solenoid

Remove wiper motor – 3 nuts in footwell, and four nuts to remove wiper cable.

Disconnect the two wiper boxes by loosening two screws on each which then permits removal of the wiper cable

Wiper motor electrical connections: green wire on top, Blue below it and Black to the side

We rented an engine hoist and removed the 948 and gearbox.

It's out!

It’s out!

Looks a Little Naked!

Looks a Little Naked!

Freshly Painted Heater

Freshly Painted Heater

Painted Steering Rack

Painted Steering Rack