About me

Welcome to my website covering the history, restoration and “personalizations” to my 1964 Jaguar Mk 2. Feel free to post a comment in an entry or email me with questions, suggestions  and/or comments.

This is my third restoration project:

The first is our 1959 AN5L 11257 ”Bugeye” Sprite. The Bugeye was acquired in 1998 as a project for my son, John, who was then fifteen years old.

The second is our 1960 BT7L4422 3000 MK I. I purchased it in 1971 as my first car and began restoring it in December 2001. The restoration was completed in the spring of 2008.

The third is our 1964 223715 DN Jaguar MK 2.  I purchased it in January 2010 and began restoring it immediately, albeit slowly.

Be sure to check out the Restoration Blog in the “MarkII Project” that provides a chronological account of the “deconstruction” of the Jaguar MKII and its reassembly by component area. Entry 54 begins the reassembly.

I have also provided additional information about two other classics in the garage: the 1969 MB 280 SL and the 1987 Alfa Romeo Spider Quadrifoglio. These cars are essentially “original” unrestored cars.

I would love to have your feedback!


Lin Rose


Harrisonburg, VA