Bugeye Rear Suspension Removal and Reinstallation

The rear suspension in the Bugeye is comprised of the quarter elliptical leaf springs, the shock absorbers, the radius arms and their mounting boxes, the rebound straps, the rubber bump stops, and of course, the axle. Video Episode Thirteen shows the removal of the original fifteen leaf springs: https://vimeo.com/769992972/c923375ecc

We chose to replace the original springs. The only springs readily available at this time are the 10 leaf “Rally” springs. We ordered a pair from BugeyeGuy.com along with five degree shims that will lower the car to give it a proper ride height. We disassembled these springs, removed the poor paint, cleaned them and repainted with POR-15 and installed teflon tape between each leaf to reduce friction and squeaking. That process is shown in Video Episode Fourteenhttps://vimeo.com/754389824/9ab8550b67

We wanted to clean and paint the radius arm bracket, the shock brackets and the radius arms so these components were removed from the car. This is seen in Video Episode Fifteenhttps://vimeo.com/770007831/bc38a03b36

Radius Arm

Rear Shock and Mounting Bracket

Shock Bracket Spacers

Spacer Between Shock and Bracket

After getting everything cleaned and painted it was time for re-installation. The following Video Episode Sixteen shows that process. https://vimeo.com/770028004/a16a02bd5d