Chapter 27 – Cleaning and Trial Fitting

December 14, 2005

Jeremy Turner’s Work Continues

Rocker Panel – Jeremy needed to do a little work on the rocker panels to get them looking just right. Then he fit the right rear fender so that the swage line would be properly aligned.

rocker panel fitted to fender_3

rh fender fitted_2

Since the tabs for the wiring harness in the boot were not installed with the new panels, Jeremy welded two in for me. Then he moved to the front right wing to get the bottom of the wing and shroud to align properly.

wire tabs welded_5

fender fitted at front_4

The left rear fender did not have enough of a lip on it to fasten the wing to the shroud so Jeremy welded in a little more material. He then spent a little time working out a few dents in the NEW wings! Following that he lined up the left door and the left rear wing swage line and moved to the left front wing to line up the shroud and wing at the front.

fender and door aligned_1

surround lined up with fender_4

The rocker panel on the right side needed some work at the front edge as well. Then Jeremy was able to epoxy prime all the wings.

Rear Wings in Primer

Front Wing In Primer

Front Wing Ready For Primer

Although the doors had been epoxy primed some time ago, jeremy wanted to take the bottom of the doors apart to get rid of any rust at the bottom of the doors. 

Lh door bottom removed _3

Door Repaired

Jeremy then turned to bodywork with polyester filler. First was the boot lid.

Boot bodywork

Epoxy priming 2

Epoxy priming 4

Epoxy priming 6

February 2, 2006

Jeremy Turner’s Work Continues

Then came the bonnet.

Bonnet Body work

Epoxy priming 5

Back to the doors for filler and then primer.

Door work 1

Primed door 2

primed door 1

Then some more bodywork before priming again.

LH door body work completed_1

LH rear fender bodywork

LH rear fender bodywork 2

rear fenders primed 2

body work on lh fender_3

lh inside body work_2

rh fender body work_1

front wing body work 4