Engine Enhancements

crane ign. The car is running a little rich. I attempted to adjust which became an experience. As the book says, I backed off the jet adjusting nuts 11 flats only to find that the car would not start at all. After a little help from the midget/sprite email list, I backed off the jet nuts one flat at a time until I got to 24 flats before the car began to run well. However, now it runs better than ever.

Hayden Electric Fan

The car is running slightly hot (past normal temp) with just the hayden electric fan. Dad decided to put the 6 blade plastic fan on as well. The two together work effectively. Now we seem to be staying well within acceptable temperature range. I had tried to save the horsepower used by the water pump fan, but oh well.

Electronic Ignition

We installed a Crane XR-700 electronic ignition and had the timing, valve clearances checked by Jack Harper at Coach Works. This is the installation manual for the Crane Electronic Ignition: Crane XR700 Installation Instructions

Began installation of the electronic thermostat for the electric fan, but decided against it. Will just switch it on manually when needed. It’s a little noisy!