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The site for the Jaguar MK2 restoration was initially divided into three parts:

  1. Disassembly,
  2. Restoration and Fitting, and
  3. Reassembly.

However, I have removed all of the posts related to the “disassembly” phase of the project. The “restoration and fitting” or trial assembly of the renewed and new components is detailed. Major sections of work, generally following the Jaguar MK2 Models Service Manual, are journaled. I have assumed that the reader will find this approach more useful than a sequenced chronology.

I have sold this car before completion. My wife and I have downsized and relocated to Florida. Garage space is now more limited and so something had to go! Mike Gassman of Gassman Automotive in Waynesboro, VA now has the car to complete for a future owner.

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I am interested in your comments about the content and presentation, so please email me or comment on any individual entry. I will be happy to respond.


17 thoughts on “Navigating The Jaguar MK2 Project Site

  1. Lin, I really admire the work you have put into this site! Not to talk about the work you put into your cars! I make my own website with WordPress and know that it is quite complicated to get it to look right and work properly. You really have succeded in making it work very well and look very professional! This is the best classic car related website I’ve seen so far and your cars are top notch as well. Thank you and keep up the good work!

    Magnus Karlsson

    • Magnus, Thanks so much for your response and compliments! Sometimes I think maintaining this website takes more time than maintaining the cars! I do it all to document work, but mostly to just try to help others – as I know you do. However, there is a big difference. You are a professional while I am merely a hobbyist who typically does things the wrong way twice before finally getting it right! (Well, usually). I really appreciate your thoughtfulness in sending along a note.


      • Lin

        I too am only an enthusiastic amature but have owned the car for 45 years and found it getting too heavy for me.

        Best regards

        David Jackson

  2. Hi Lín:

    Love the web, very well tought and helpful.

    I am very new with cars, and know nothing about repairs.

    I just boutht a 1961 jaguar mk2 3.8.

    After my first ride I noticed some green colling líquid coming out of a hose close to the radiator. Is this normal? Could it be because the radiator had a lot of fluid?. It tooked like 90 minutes for the engine to cool down.

    Thanks a lot and sorry for the rusty English, I am from Argentina.



    • Hello Luis
      Thanks for your compliments regarding my web site.

      Congrats on your MK2 purchase.

      Should not have any hoses leaking. Was the leak form an overflow hose (small diameter) or from one of the two large hoses. If from an overflow hose it may be that the radiator was overfilled. Hard to say without inspection. What reading did you have on your water temperature gauge?

      These old British cars are famous for “burping” coolant and overheating.

      Automatic or manual shift?

      Do you have a photo?


  3. I have enjoyed your site an gotten a lot of help from it,
    Thank you for your diligence.

  4. hi lin
    totally enjoyed reading all about your jaguar, l tend to think one of the best sites for this model
    best regards rod wilson australia

  5. Hi
    I restore in se moment a jaguar Mk2 3.8
    I really admire the work you have put into your Mk2.But I do not understand, you ask the totality of the pieces before painting the engine bay?
    best regards daniel Guillien France

    • Because I have made so many modifications I am basically assembling much of the car to make sure everything works as I wish. I will then completely disassemble, paint and then reassemble.


  6. Is your car a left hand drive? I found my handbrake-cable hanging down under my mk 2-62. Shouldnt it have a support bracket? Have not seen any traces of a support bracket.

    • Yes. My car is a 64 and it has the bracket. Look under your car and see if there are two small holes through the floor to fasten the bracket. I would expect that your car should also have the bracket but cannot say for sure.

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