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I did not complete the differential seal replacement project in 2021 because I had a little accident and managed to break my right leg in a couple of places. Treatment required that I refrain from putting any weight on my leg for six weeks. So, It will be at least mid-January before I get back to the Alfa! Disappointing for sure, as I was hoping to get her back on the road while the weather in Southwest Florida is nice. Oh well, just a small set back.

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January 21, 2022

70,905 miles on the odometer

Thirty five years of use definitely shows on Alfie’s steering wheel. At some point I may well replace the leather wrapped wheel with a wood steering wheel, but in the meantime I think dyeing and feeding the leather might improve its current look. Indeed as the video shows below, the condition of the wheel was improved, albeit slightly.


January 18, 2022

70,900 miles on the odometer


Finishing the job of replacing the pinion seal in Alfie’s rear differential was delayed by about six weeks because I broke my leg! However, as of January 18, at least on a limited basis, I am back in the garage and  focused on getting the Alfa back on the road. In 2022, I am going to try something new. Rather than a heavy reliance on written explanation and photographs, I am going to try and my hand at video documentation perhaps supplemented with some photos.

So, on January 18 I gathered together the parts and materials I needed to complete the job and go to it. After removing the driveshaft in December I was able to clean and paint it and check that the universal joints were okay. They seemed to be so the driveshaft was ready to reinstall in the car. As noted previously and as will be seen in the video, a special socket is required for the removal and tightening of the pinion nut. As can be seen in the screen shot below taken from the service manual, the torque spec for the pinion nut has a fairly large range from 57.5 to 101.1 Ft Pb. At the recommendation of others I simply torqued the nut to 75 Ft Pb. At least in my case this seemed to work satisfactorily.

Rear Pinion Diagram with Torque specs

Prior to replacing the pinion seal the leak from the rear diff was considerable. I am pleased to report that following this bit of maintenance I have literally no oil dripping from the differential, so I will call this job a success and move on to the next project.

This is a link to my VIMEO video documenting the process:



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