Chapter 91 Week 76 May 29, 2008

Soft Top & Tonneau

I ordered my soft top and tonneau from Robbins. Charley Darley, a BT7 owner from the Capital Area Healey Club recommended Brownings Upholstery in Manassas, VA for soft top and tonneau installation. Although Brownings is located about two hours away, I thought I should try to use a shop with Healey experience, so my son, Scott, and I made the trip to Manassas.  I was glad I did as the installation of both components was accomplished with professional results.

Soft Top Install

Soft Top Install

Tonneau Install

Chapter 90 Week Sixty February 4, 2008

After doing some research on the soft top, I have decided to order a Robbins top and tonneau. I was originally going to use the Sun-Fast cloth material, but have decided to use the material that is closer to the original vinyl. They should arrive this week and then I will decide if I will do the installation myself or get a professional to do the job. 

I have discovered that the original drain tap on the left side of the motor leaks and I cannot seem to get it to stop. I ordered a new one, only to discover that it leaks too! I have decided to put a plug in the block in place of the tap.

I have new side curtains and I began the task of fitting them to the car. The RH curtain, although tight in the rear did mount successfully. The LH curtain, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to want to fit properly. I will “play” with it next week and see what I can work out.