LeMans Sprite

The little Donald Healey Motor Company produced some outstanding cars for motor racing with little money and support. While the Big Healey rally cars tend to get the most press, the modified Sprites were quite successful on major race circuits like LeMans and Sebring.

This is a short video with the current owner of one of those racing Sprites. Joe Armour, and Australian, is well known in the Healey community.

4 Responses to “LeMans Sprite”

  1. Phil says:

    That is cool, thanks for sharing.

  2. valv8988 says:

    You bet! Joe was a great interview.

  3. Mick Nordquist says:

    Thanks for sharing, Lin. Very informative and I love the shape of this Sprite!

  4. valv8988 says:

    Thanks, Mick! Glad you liked it.

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