January 20-February 27, 2018 Continued Maintenance Items

The car remained at MAAP for the rest of January and almost all of February. Following the installation of the IMS Bearing fix, the next step was to reinstall the transmission. It was first filled with three quarts of Mobilube PTX 75W-90 gearbox oil part # 000-043-204–20L. This gearbox oil is a special formulation for Porsche and is special ordered.

Mobilube PTX 75W-90

Other than being being heavy and hard to handle the process went fairly smoothly.

Gearbox to Engine Bolts and Torque Values

Reinstallation of the slave cylinder was another matter! We had removed the slave from the bell housing leaving it attached to the hydraulic hose so that we would not have to bleed the clutch. However, it proved impossible to reattach the slave cylinder while connected to the hose. After disconnecting the hose and following the procedure in the service manual success was achieved although in the future, the slave cylinder should be left on the bell housing when the transmission is removed. Lesson learned. 

Carrera S Tranny LH Side

Carrera S Tranny Front

Clutch Slave Cylinder and Bleeding Service Manual

After purchasing the proper hydraulic fluid, the clutch was bled, tested and functioned properly.

The shift cables were reconnected and all mounts were properly tightened.

A small section of heater hose had been replaced by the original owner at some point and some pretty ugly hose clamps were used in place of the original clamps. A new hose was ordered, but we were not successful in replacing one of the original Porsche clamps so a “Jubilee” clamp was used. This are high-end British clamps!

Replacing the heater hose part # 997-106-612-03 also meant dumping the coolant for the system. However, I was planning to flush the coolant anyway. We ordered new Porsche Coolant part # 000-043-305-75 from Suncoast Motorsports and a new reservoir coolant cap Part # 996-106-447-04 was installed following filling of the system.

A new engine air cleaner was installed part # 996-110-131-52 and a new cabin air filter part # 997-571-219-01 was also fitted.

The plastic belly pans were cleaned and reinstalled.

New Porsche wiper blades part # 996-628-901-08 were also fitted.

The car is now ready for the road again with no more worries about the IMS bearing failure!!!


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