August 25, 2018 Time for an Oil Change

Approximately six months have passed since the oil was changed when the IMS Solution was installed, so it is time for another oil change. The odometer reading is 7,904, or approximately 600 miles since the IMS Solution installation. Jack Raby, owner of Flat Six Innovations, recommends that the oil be changed and inspected every six months or 5,000 miles. The inspection is to determine if there is any change in the chemical make-up of the used oil including the ferrous metals. This is a list of items required to complete the process:

  • Drain pan
  • 9 quarts of oil
  • A funnel
  • Paper towels
  • New aluminum crush washer for the drain plug
  • Oil Filter
  • Ratchet with 8mm hex fitting
  • Small torque wrench
  • Nitrile rubber gloves
  • oil filter removal wrench
  • Blackstone Oil analysis sample bottle and mailer

Changing the oil in the 911 is a very simple process. I first opened the engine compartment lid and opened the oil filler cap to enhance drainage.

Movable Oil Filler Pipe with Cap Removed

I then closed the engine compartment lid, put the car on the lift and raised it to the height enabling me to easily get under the car. The image below shows the oil drain plug with the collection container under the car. Position the tank under the oil pan drain and loosen with the 8mm hex socket. Have the oil collection bottle for the Blackstone Oil Analysis ready to collect oil after it begins to drain from the pan. Wearing your nitrile rubber gloves is a good idea and have a few paper towels handy!

Porsche on Lift for Oil Change

This is the used oil collection tank I use.

Used Oil Collection Tank

Blackstone Oil Analysis Used Oil Collection Bottle

Ratchet with 8mm hex Fitting

After the oil has drained from the oil pan, reposition the used oil collection tank under the oil filter. Remove the filter by turning it counterclockwise and again be ready for some oil spillage. Visually inspect the filter and the used oil for any metal contaminants. 

Replace the oil pan drain plug and install a new aluminum crush washer. Torque the aluminum drain plug to 19 foot pounds.

Aluminum Drain Plug with Magnet, Crush washer and Torque Wrench

Fill the new oil filter – I use the NAPA gold #1348 filter – about half full with fresh oil, add some fresh oil to the rubber oil seal and install. Hand tighten clockwise and then use a tool to tighten just a little more. Do not over-tighten. It is not shown in the image below, but I use a silver sharpie marker to write the mileage and date on the outside of the filter for future reference.

New Oil Filter Installed

Check one more time to make sure everything is tight and then lower the car to the ground. Open the engine compartment lid, free the oil filler pipe from its housing by lifting up firmly, you will hear it unsnap, and lift up the pipe to improve the fill angle. Using a funnel, pour 8 quarts of oil into the engine. I use Joe Gibbs Driven Racing oil, synthetic 5W-40.

Driven Racing Oil for 911

Filling the Engine with new Oil

Snap the oil filler pipe back into place and install the filler cap.

Oil Filler Cap

Wipe up any spills and you are just about done. I then start the engine to circulate the oil. In about thirty minutes, one can usually check the oil level with the electronic gauge on the dash after turning on the ignition to the accessory setting, but I like to wait until the next morning to check the level. I am usually a little low – I don’t want to overfill the oil! So, I end up adding about a half quart of oil, or a little more.

Then put your used oil sample in the Blackstone Oil Analysis shipping bottle and send off the sample for testing.

Blackstone Oil Analysis

The job is complete.

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